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SerraEzyme™ 80,000IU

Quad Strength Serrapeptase, specially designed for those who require high dosages (Caps & Tabs).


Can help provide powerful support for pain & inflammation, liver damage & disorders, gallbladder problems, digestive problems, eye problems, such as cataracts.


Blockbuster AllClear™

By any measure, the best and most powerful enzyme formula available.



Our Service in and around Lowestoft and the Waveney area

Welcome to The Haven Integrative & Complementary Therapies website.  Please click on the buttons on the left for more detailed information about individual therapies offered, Lymphoedema/Lipoedema and The East Anglia Lymphoedema Support Group etc.
Appointments are available in Carlton Colville.  Home and corporate visits also undertaken.  
Please telephone 01502 539 562 for advice and appointments
Registered Nurse and Vodder Qualified Manual Lymph Drainage Practitioner/Complementary Health Professional
NEW:  Kinesio Taping is now available for Acute/Chronic problems, scar tissue and Lymphoedema - phone for details

Good Health Naturally

I am a Health Advisor with Good Health Naturally, a great company which specialises in excellent products for health.
Serrapeptase is an enzyme which has the ability to digest inflammation and dead and dying tissue - I recommend it to many clients because the root cause of most conditions/pain is inflammation.  Drugs only mask the symptoms but Serrapeptase deals with the real problem.

For more information on Serrapeptase:  


For the full range of Good Health Naturally products:

Professional bodies, training and insurance etc

MLDuk is the foremost association for properly qualified MLD practitioners in the UK.  It works to promote MLD and those who practice it and to promote it as a medical massage rather than a 'Complementary' or 'Alternative' therapy.  By working in conjunction with the major schools of MLD and with the medical profession, MLDuk is helping to ensure that the therapy remains undiluted and that all practitioners are properly qualified and insured.
For more information got to

International Guild Of Professional  Practitioners

  The British School of Reflexology

The International Guild of Professional Practitioners, of which I am a full member, is the largest professional body of its kind in the UK.  Members must undertake Continued Professional Development (CPD) in order to remain members and qualify for insurance.  This means that IGPP members are continually learning and updating techniques, expanding knowledge and expertise.  This is good for the 'industry', good for the practitioner and above all, beneficial to you the client.

The British School of Reflexology - BSR
Is a world renowned school of Reflexology with Ann Gillanders at the helm.  Ann has written many books on the subject and taught thousands of Reflexologists over the years.  She also teaches AGAR - Ann Gillanders Advanced Reflexology techniques to post-graduate therapists.  BSR courses are extensive and thorough and include seperate diplomas and certificates in Anatomy & Physiology.

The Academy of On-Site Massage
Is one of the three schools teaching this speciality massage to post-graduate therapists.   The Academy has an excellent reputation and was one of the first places to teach this specific type of massage.  There are many therapists now performing massage using an 'On-Site' chair where they have adapted their own form of massage, but it really is not the same as true 'On-Site Massage'.

Vodder / MLD Training, An Arm & A Leg
The Vodder method of Manual Lymph Drainage is the original method devised by Dr Vodder and his wife in the 1930's.  Until recently the Vodder Schule in Austria was the only place that therapists could study the method but a school was set up in the USA and now, through An Arm & A Leg MLD Training, it is possible to study Vodder in the UK.  The standards are exceptionally high as the technique is very precise, demanding an in-depth knowledge of the Lymphatic System and the routines and specific hand movements that Vodder devised and developed.  Candidates for the post-graduate courses must be able to demonstrate a certain degree of skill before being admitted to the course.

Independant Professional Therapists International
Is an organisation set up to promote therapies and the benefits to health and well being and to provide a reassuring level of quality control for people seeking help.  It has a list of qualified professional practitioners and insists on a code of ethics and high levels of insurance.

The Reflexology Forum
The Reflexology Forum was set up with representatives of 14 different organisations, schools and associations that represented members who were Reflexologists.  The Forum has been working on a National Occupational Standard for Reflexology and has been working to promote Reflexology and protect Reflexologists, giving them a voice in parliament and other important places. 

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